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Segmentation of citizens of the Republic of Croatia

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CSR Index Award

Corporate social responsibility is added value of every company. It has a positive effect on the company and whole society. HR PSOR rewards for socially responsible practices. We are honoured that the 2020 CSR Index award in the small business category went to Hendal!

Digital transformation in research

Over the last 10 years, market research is increasingly transforming and becoming a digital channel for collecting, processing and displaying data

Personal Data Protection

In its business, Hendal gives significant importance to the protection of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Code of the Market, Media and Public Opinion Agencies


If you want to express your opinion, participate in the design or evaluate existing products, and be rewarded, join the hrNation on line panel

Education on research

Hendal organizes free education in the field of market research on

Brand winner

How to create a product that will be the market leader and design a brand that will be at the very top


Hendal's capacities allow entry into different domains and industries with the aim of gathering plenty of information and forming relevant knowledge