Brand winner

Point of sale

Potential buyers of different products and services come to the point of sale to buy or contract the service. Depending on the choice, presentation, promotional activities, their expectations, the buyer will purchase a particular product or service. In order to help customers to finish the purchase or increase the choice of a particular product, Hendal offers a range of research products:

  • research of customers profiles – in order to optimize the offer of products and services it is necessary to know what our customers are like, how they buy and choose and what their expectations are
  • research of the quality of the service (Mystery shopping) – checks how much employees, who are in direct contact with the users, comply with the company standards and how the customers see and experience them through objective measurement of the interaction between customers and companies.
  • research of customers’ satisfaction – provides information about factors that affect satisfaction, priorities for improvement and areas of improvement that will lead to the highest return of investment.


  • Additionally, Hendal developed its own solutions:


  • research of POS activities – Hendal's HrPOS Aktivator provides information about the share of purchase decision making in front of the shelf and what influences it, the difference between planned and impulsive purchases by customer segments and product categories, and the optimal combination of promotions for a particular category
  • Retail Chains Satisfaction Index (IZTL) – continuously follows since 2014 the satisfaction with retail chains at the general level and according to specific characteristics.

Communication research

There is no company that wants to advertise average. Competitive advantage is achieved by investing in advertising resources that are more successful than advertising of your competitors.

In order to achieve more efficient advertising, the main features of each communication campaign must be clearly identified: what are the communication goals, who do we want to communicate to, whether the message communicates our goals well and whether the desired communication goals are achieved.

In order to provide quality support to clients during the entire planning process, implementation and follow-up of communication campaigns, Hendal has developed an integrated AdVisor® communication research model that consists of three parts:

  • AdVisor Concept test – the purpose of testing the concept of communication messages is creating the most effective messages that will fulfil the pre-set communication objectives.
  • AdVisor Copy test – provides clear and measurable guidelines for improving the conceptual design of communication campaign at the earliest stage of its creation.
  • AdVisor Campaign tracker –conducted after launching the campaign, measures how well the advertising achieves its goal, i.e. whether it reaches the target population, whether it has been noticed and whether it achieves the desired effect.


Brand is not only a product name, but also a set of different elements used to achieve a strong relationship with customers. Brand includes the product by itself, name, packaging, connotations and associations related to product, loyalty and customer satisfaction.


Brand research is vital for successful branding because it provides insight and tracking changes of key brand health indicators, in order to achieve and maintain its success.


Hendal conducts a series of research focused on indicators monitoring of brand health and elements that affect it. Some research may be conducted independently, while research Brand Performance® tracker and BrandPRO, developed by Hendal, includes all the above mentioned areas. It also provides a comprehensive picture of brand health and position as well as changes in relevant indicators with detection of conscious and unconscious elements that affect brand satisfaction and buying.

In terms of brand Hendal offers these research areas:

• brand tracking – Brand Performance® tracker is the tool for monitoring key health indicators. The client can conduct the entire research or just a part of it according to its own needs. Depending on the category of products or services and the dynamics of the changes, the Brand Performance® research is conducted several times a year or once a year in order to detect and respond to changes in timely manner.

• image – brand image is a perception that users have about the product or service and is associated with a positive or negative attitude towards the brand, which also affects the use of the product itself. That is why information about the brand image of products and services is extremely important in brand management in all its life stages.

• loyalty – answers questions about how loyal consumers are, what will they do when a brand is unavailable at the point of sale, which brands are replacements for their main brand and how strong consumers are connected to the brand. Research show that customer loyalty to brands directly contributes to profit, growth and product life span. In some cases, a 5% increase in loyalty resulted in a 15% increase in turnover. Loyal customers are more connected to the brand, they are willing to pay more for it and usually more satisfied with it.

• BrandPRO - is a comprehensive brand research that includes modules of recognition, loyalty, satisfaction, image and lifestyle. This research is an upgrade of brand research that includes conscious and unconscious elements of brand satisfaction and buying with generational differences, including elements of trust, social responsibility and user segmentation based on lifestyle.


A key precondition for a successful business is understanding the users of your products and services, their needs, habits, demands and expectations. Customer tracking is a necessity for new brands and brands in transition, while strong and healthy brands, through understanding of customers, determine if they are still in line with consumer requirements or they need to adapt to new ones to ensure further growth.

Hendal's research help to define the market structure, identify success factors, and notice new opportunities. In the area of consumer understanding Hendal conducts research:

  • attitudes and habits – provides a better understanding of consumer behavior and a solid basis for assessing the success of marketing strategies.
  • segmentation research – provides information to create marketing and sales plans that, if they are based on a quality segmentation, provide the highest return of investments because they target those groups that are likely to buy a particular product or service.


Hendal has also developed its own multidimensional segmentation of users through 3D Segmentation®, which identifies the consumer segment, the consumption situations and the needs or motives that individual segments lead on consumption in a particular situation.

Development of a new product / service

Development of a new product or service is an expensive process, which necessarily requires market research, in order to minimize potential difficulties and risks and to launch only products that will be the most successful on the market.

Development of a new product requires a verification of various marketing mix elements, which can be done through a series of research:

  • concept test – how much the idea for our product is acceptable for the market
  • product / service test – how the product / service meets consumers' expectations
  • name test – the suitability of the product / service name for target population
  • packaging test – how visible is the packaging at the point of sale and what values it communicates

price positioning – information on consumer expectations and the perception of the price proposals