Digitalization in decision making process

HendalQR – research via mobile phones

Mobile phones are the integral part of life. Younger and middle-aged people have a high share of smartphones that are rarely found outside of our reach. That is why the ability to use them in the research is high and it enables quick and affordable collection of simpler data.

In research via mobile phone, we use the HendalQR solution:

  • HendalQRsat – to research the satisfaction with service, product and the place of purchase
  • HendalQRuser – to research the new product launching
  • HendalQRevent – for events evaluation


Eye tracking – is used as an addition to quantitative research in marketing communications, packaging design, web site and e-mail communications.

Eye tracking helps to determine:

  • What has been seen, overlooked, or has caught the attention?
  • Which solution is the best?
  • Does the user perceive everything we want?
  • What is the best place for an ad and what ad attracts the attention?

Which elements are connected with the high visibility and liking, seen first, most viewed, etc.

WEBviewer/ MSviewer/ MRviewer

Hendal has developed a range of products for reviews online for different types of research.


  • WEBviewer – for continuous research; allows you to review the results in several wave studies, comparing by socio-demographic indicators
  • MSviewer – for mystery shopping research; allows you to review results by branch offices, regions, and comparison in a few research waves
  • MRviewer – for mobile phones research; allows you to review data during fieldwork

On line panel

The national representative panel of Internet users (HrNation) is available to conduct a variety of research.

Online research on the HrNation panel provides a quick and cost effective insight into the research problem by obtaining high quality and reliable data using standard Hendal research solutions.