Majority opinion

Employee satisfaction

Many studies have shown that employee satisfaction and loyalty measuring are the most important factors for business results and that their results help organizations build a system of incentives that leads to sustainable growth and profitability. Furthermore, engaged employees have a positive impact on productivity, business results and profitability of the company. On the other side, disengaged employees affect results negatively through reduced work hours, inefficiency and lost working days.

Hendal's employee satisfaction and engagement measuring model provides the formation of the system of measuring and tracking employees through a focused measurement of key indicators and providing clear guidelines for improvements.

Measurement results are available at levels from the entire company to the level of teams with at least 5 members. The results give clear indicators of the success of a particular organizational unit and enable a focused action to increase the achievement of a particular team and consequently the profitability of the entire company.

Public opinion research

Hendal, in addition to the market research, also conducts the public opinion research on a generally important topic in society. Research of social issues include general everyday issues on the total population, but also specific topics and marginal groups in the community.

Research on cities

Hendal's research on cities offer information to improve the quality of life of citizens and better positioning the city and it includes:

Quality of life research – measures objective and subjective indicators of the quality of life in a city. Objective indicators are secondary data such as GDP, unemployment rate, availability of institutions, etc.) while subjective indicators of quality are citizen attitudes.

Analysis of the city brand – analyses the overall picture of the city and gives suggestions for positioning the city to interested public: citizens, the wider region, business entities, the media and city administration.

Omnibus research

Omnibus research is a continuous (mostly) monthly surveys, synthesis of omnibus and CATI / on-line research.

  • Omnibus research, by involving a larger number of clients, reduces research costs for a particular client
  • Continuity – is conducted every month
  • There are two main types of Omnibus research: Consumer HrCatibus and Online Omnibus


Key benefits


  • More affordable price compared to ad hoc and similar research
  • Speed and quality in getting answers to your questions
  • Continuity – ability to include questions and continuous monitoring each month


Use them for:


  • Continuous tracking of the awareness and usage of your and competitors' products / services
  • The way your products / services are used
  • Find out who are the consumers of your or competitors' products
  • Find out how much your ads and promotional activities are noticed