In accordance with our beliefs and values that are manifested through the corporate social responsibility of our company, we have decided to strengthen existing capacities and build new ways of helping individuals and associations in the local community.

For this very reason, since February 2016, Hendal is actively involved in the project „Philanthropic Culture in Croatia“. The project is co-financed by the EU IPA 2012 program and by the Office for Associations by the Croatian government. Together with the Regional Foundation for Local Development Zamah we worked on developing the model of strategic corporate philanthropy. The result of co-operation between our company and the Zamah Foundation is the questionnaire for associations and individuals that will help you structure your requests for assistance better and solve the problem. For this purpose, as a responsible company we believe that we will be significantly more successful in the development of Croatian society.

In order to be able to evaluate the applications for donations in an objective manner, please fill out the questionnaire for the organizations or the questionnaire for individuals and send it back on e-mail: Hendal will conduct the evaluation of the applications once a year (at the end of the year).

questionnaire organizations.docx
questionnaire individuals.docx