Research during COVID-19 pandemic

In order to respond to the needs for different types of data and insights for clients in these special circumstances, besides our existing remote research, we have adapted those that require close contact.



- Standard CATI (telephone) surveys including stand-alone or omnibus surveys are conducted through our usual CATI stations that are expanded in a larger space and adapted in a way that the interviewers have an appropriate spacing.

- We conduct a classic in home personal interview using a tablet on the doorstep of the house (without actually entering the household). The tablets are disinfected before each respondent and the interviewers are informed about the protection measures related to the use of protective equipment and keep the recommended distance during the interview.

- If you need to test a product or concept, you can do the research at a central location again. Protection measures, disinfected research spot after each respondent and wide space to keep an appropriate distance have been provided to the respondents.


- In-depth interviews and focus groups are again conducted in the usual way with the implementation of protection measures and keeping the recommended distance between respondents and moderators by using larger rooms when conducting research.


We provided proposed protection measures (masks, gloves and disinfectants) to all our interviewers and respondents in all types of research.


If you think that you can contribute more to general health and choose the safest research methods, we recommend:

- On-line research using HrNation on-line panel on various samples, including a nationally representative sample.

- On-line research with pre-recruitment to obtain information on very specific samples or in the B2B segment.

- An online forum, a research tool similar to the usual forums that offer to respondents a greater level of anonymity. Also, due to the ability to send photos and videos, it can be a better tool for conducting small-scale ethnographic research to track changes in consumer habits.

- In-depth interviews and focus groups with the use of video conferencing applications which provide the usual interaction between the moderator and the respondents as well as the interaction of respondents with each other. Also there is the possibility of recording the research.

- Modified personal interview using video conferencing applications with pre-recruited respondents.

- Product testing in the household of the respondents with the distribution of your pre-prepared samples and online completion of the questionnaire.


Feel free to contact us in case of any questions or we can arrange a short video meeting on the platform of your choice.

Your Hendal team!